Tana Rakel of the Federation Diplomatic Corps

Lieutenant Salere, security officer, USS Tripoli, NCC-75799.


Commander Lauren Jentrell, First Officer, USS Langley, NCC- 61132 Posted by Hello

Lieutenant Commander Tana Reader, Biologist, USS Galaga, NCC-72347 Posted by Hello

Vulcan Cadet Candidate Serrah in San Francisco, Earth Posted by Hello

Ensign Janice Dion, USS Republic, NCC-14439-A, Helm Officer Posted by Hello

Commander Eleanor Rohner, USS Thelkeld, NCC-37789, Chief Surgeon Posted by Hello

Ambassadorial Assistant Threll from Andor Posted by Hello

Vulcan Counselor Sakell, USS Dauntless, NCC 59987 Posted by Hello

24th Century MACO, Seargeant Laura McGovern, Starbase 47, Unagal System Posted by Hello

Lieutenant T'Les, Sciences, USS Lancaster, NCC-47657 Posted by Hello


Ensign Justine O'Bryant, Sciences, USS Iriquois, NCC-1654 Posted by Hello

Lieutenant Cathy Kingston, Engineering Officer, USS Vicksburg, NCC-1469. Posted by Hello

Lieutenant Cassandra Martin, Captain's Woman, ISS Sieze, NCC 3790 Posted by Hello

Lieutenant Diedre Fertita, Security Officer, USS Dianoga, NCC-53847. Posted by Hello

Commander Sylvia Hatten, Chief Medical Officer, USS Forrest, NCC-75222. Posted by Hello

Lieutenant Commander Kia Sanders, USS Yamaguchi, NCC 45376, Interstellar Communications Specialist. Posted by Hello


Ensign Alana Kwan, Security, USS Enterprise, NCC-1701, during shoreleave on Wrigley's Pleasure Planet. Posted by Hello

Lt. Commander T'Lel, USS Exeter, Chief Engineer Posted by Hello

Lieutenant Kelly Giardina, JAG Division, Starbase 28-Delta Aurelius Posted by Hello

Cadet Se'Era, USS Indigo, Communications Trainee. Posted by Hello


Commander Tana O'Gormann, USS Orion, NCC-2034 Posted by Hello

Lieutenant Starp, ISS Yorktown, Mirror Universe Posted by Hello

Lieutenant Kim Takura, Transporter Chief, USS Sagan, NCC-1914 Posted by Hello

Lieutenant Commander Donna McCabe, Chief Nurse, USS Walthal, NCC-1987 Posted by Hello

Ensign Shalae, Starbase 30. Posted by Hello